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How to puppy proof your house

It’s an awesome time when a puppy enters your life. It can also be equally challenging and worrisome. Puppy-proofing your home is a vital part of starting your life together with your new puppy.

Hilarious names people give their pets

From Katy Purry to Matzoball, when it comes to our pets we can often get away with giving them the names we wouldn’t necessarily give to our children. Here are some of the most hilarious pet names out there!

Five signs of tick poisoning

Ticks can be deadly to pets in Australia and it is important to be able to quickly identify signs and tick poisoning.

How to organise a funeral

What to do when someone dies, what to do following a death, funeral service, Certificate of Cause of Death.

How to baby proof your home

Modern homes offer plenty of stimulation for kids but also lots of hazards. Follow these tips to help baby-proof your home.

How to avoid home break-ins

Top 10 tips to prevent break-ins and improve home security. Protect your home and contents with Real Home and Contents Insurance.  

Home Insurance Glossary

Home Insurance Glossary. Read our quick guide to common terms used in home and contents insurance for the benefit of insurance buyers. 

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