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Cheapest cars to run

Insurance, registration, fuel and maintenance costs are all part of the total annual cost of owning a car. Choose a car that suits your budget.

Are you ready to be a parent?

Are you contemplating parenthood? If you are contemplating being a parent, read about budgeting for a baby and getting your finances in order.

Back yard swimming pool

Australian pool rules

What are the new Australian pool rules? Australia is cracking down on pool requirements. Read our guidelines to ensure your pool is up with certifications.

Bride and groom

The irrational cost of love

Recent research conducted for Real Insurance reveals that young Australian couples are short terms thinkers when it comes to their finances surrounding their wedding day.

Best cars for insurance

Best cars for car insurance. Discover what types of cars offer the best value on car insurance. From make and model, to safety ratings, history and more.

How to save money on car repairs

Reduce car repair expenses. Vehicle maintenance can put a real dint in your finances. Read our top tips on how to save money on car repairs.

What a car really costs to own

What a car really costs to own. Considering buying a car? Here are all the costs you can expect to pay when buying a car. Find out more with Real Car Insurance.

Australia’s top 10 family dog breeds

They say a house isn’t a home without a pet. Here are some of Australia’s favourite family dogs and reasons why we love our furry friends.

Daily habits of successful people

Daily habits of successful people. What is the secret to success? Is there a magic formula to catapult us into the realm of high flying entrepreneur? Motivate yourself to reach your goals.

Top tips for travelling with pets

Whether it’s out of pure necessity for a move or just because we want them along on our holidays, chances are at some point you will need to take a road trip, or plane trip with the pet.

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