What is Life Insurance?

a life insurance policy helps to lessen the financial impacts on those left behind should the person insured pass away, or be diagnosed with a terminal illness. It does this by paying a lump sum amount (the “cover amount”) to a chosen person (normally referred to as a “nominated beneficiary”).

Road safety for kids: Walking Safe to School Day

It’s important to teach kids the importance of road safety – and some basic rules about crossing the road. With Walking Safe to School day on 23rd May, here are some handy road safety tips for kids

Ten steps to create better family bonding

To celebrate National Families Week, from 15–21 May, Real Insurance has put together these ten quick and easy ways that parents and kids can spend some meaningful, relevant time together.

Real Insurance achieves #1 ranking

The Real Insurance website achieves top Ranking In The Global Reviews Customer Experience Index (CEI) for Home Insurance in 2013.

How to stay safe at work

Here are some everyday steps that you can take to ensure you and your colleagues stay safe at work.