Real values

We incorporate our values in all that we do. We believe that with the right approach and culture we can differentiate our business from other insurers. We understand that we are in a competitive industry and as such we look to embrace innovation and passion. Aligning ourselves with the right people in the business will further enhance our success.

Our purpose

To protect the quality of peoples’ lives

Our values

Always do the right thing

Meerkats standing together

Means using your moral compass and having a fundamental respect for people. It implies long term thinking about how our actions will impact the headline in tomorrow’s paper. It’s knowing what sacrifices to make and sometimes doing the unpopular thing that is the ‘right’ course of action. It’s about sleeping at night with a clear conscience, fully knowing that what we do is right by our customers, our team-mates and our partners.

Heroic service

Baboon carrying a baby on its back

Means going beyond the call of duty whether it’s when we’re on the phone with our customers or when interacting with each other. It’s about adding style to excellence and flair to service. It’s also about being efficient in addressing issues while remembering the human element in all that we do. It is about consistency. Servicing the one customer after the other with the same high standard, day after day, week after week, year after year.


Adult elephants protecting baby elephant

Is at the core of all that we do. Internally, we embrace our employees as partners to develop their careers. We partner as team mates and departments to create an efficient and fun work environment. We live the value of Partnership by doing the little and big things to create and maintain win-win relationships.

Relentless improvement

Leopard leaping from one boulder to another

Means striving to do things better, faster and smarter. It’s about constantly raising the bar for ourselves and for the industry. And it’s about rising to the challenge, and not being complacent when the challenge has been met. It’s not just about major changes but even the smallest ones.

Passion for greatness

Two lions walking together

Refers to our commitment to being the best insurer in Australia. This value is about being the best and about empowering each other to be the best. This, in turn, will make Real the best employer and the best insurance company in Australia. Whether it’s our products, our partnerships, or our work environment, we set the bar high for ourselves. We strive for greatness in all we do.