Insurance Matters

Do I need bicycle insurance?

Understand the benefits of insuring your bicycle and make sure that your bike and your wallet are protected if something goes wrong.

Additional cover for your motorcycle or scooter

When you take out comprehensive motorcycle or scooter insurance through Real Insurance, you won’t just be covering your ride. There are a range of additional cover benefits included in your cover for added peace of mind.

Dirtbike insurance

If you own a dirtbike which isn’t registered to ride on the road, then you may not be covered by many standard motorcycle insurance policies. That’s why Real Insurance offers a specialised dirtbike insurance policy, to protect your dirtbike.

Why choose Real motorcycle insurance

When you take out comprehensive motorcycle insurance, you might be surprised at the list of additional benefits that come with your policy. So here are four more reasons to look at Real motorcycle insurance.

Why bicycle insurance?

If you have a high value bicycle, you may think that it is covered under your standard home and contents insurance. While many home and contents insurance policies offer some basic cover for bicycles, the cover is often limited, and you may be surprised about what cover you actually have for your bicycle.