Dirtbike insurance

If you own a dirtbike which isn’t registered to ride on the road, then you may not be covered by many standard motorcycle insurance policies. That’s why Real Insurance offers a specialised dirtbike insurance policy, to protect your dirtbike.

Our dirtbike insurance cover protects your bike and accessories anywhere in Australia for theft, fire, malicious damage or collision while your bike is in transit.

So your bike is covered for damage caused by natural events such as fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake and flood.

And if you transport your bike regularly between different tracks, races or events, your bike will be covered for damage caused by collision, impact, overturning or jack knifing of the vehicle you are using to transport your bike.

You can also rest assured that while your bike is being transported, you are covered for theft of your bike from a locked vehicle transporting your bike, so long as the bike was locked into the carrying vehicle.

If you are worried about damage caused to your bike while you are at home, then with our dirtbike policy, you can have peace of mind that your bike is covered for theft from a securely locked premises. As well as that, your bike is also covered for malicious damage while at a locked premises.

It is important to note that there is no cover while riding your dirtbike, which makes this a more affordable type of cover for your dirtbike. Be sure that this product meets your needs by reading the Product Disclosure Statement for the product.

Real Insurance is an award-winning provider of bike insurance.

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