Why choose Real motorcycle insurance

When you take out comprehensive motorcycle insurance, you might be surprised at the list of additional benefits that come with your policy. So here are four more reasons to look at Real motorcycle insurance.

1. If you have a brand new motorcycle, it is probably your pride and joy! So you might like to know that we will offer you a replacement motorcycle of the same make, model and series if your motorcycle is a total loss in the first 24 months after it is first registered. Many insurers only offer a 12 months replacement cover.

2. And if you decide to buy a new replacement motorcycle, we will cover you automatically for up to 14 days, for motorcycles up to $30,000 in value.

3. If it is choice that matters to you, then we can offer you the choice of either an agreed or a market value for your bike. You also have the choice to take out optional cover for your riding gear up to the value of $5, 000.

4. If you do need to make a claim, and repairs are involved, you have the benefit of choosing your own repairer. Or, we can recommend a repairer to carry out the repairs to your motorcycle. And when we authorise repairs, we will guarantee the quality of workmanship and materials for the life of your motorcycle.

So there you have it, four more reasons to choose Real motorcycle insurance for your ride.

Real Insurance is an award-winning provider of bike insurance.

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