Car Insurance Testimonials

If you are considering bringing your insurance needs to Real Insurance, please take some time to meet some of our real customers below, and hear why they are so happy to use Real Insurance for their insurance needs.

I just wanted to thank you guys for your fantastic service regarding the insurance on our car that was damaged during a recent storm. Your staff are professional, polite and well trained. Thanks again for making a difficult situation bearable.
We recently had to make a claim and wondered if the bad and ugly would surface. NOT SO! We were absolutely delighted with the way our claim was handled. Initially completing the claim online, we very quickly had a follow up call and emails and the claims personnel really made it a most positive experience.
I’m 86 years young and saved over $420 a year because I switched to Real Insurance.
Moving to Real Insurance has saved me an unbelievable $388 per year, which is a total of 40% less in my premiums than my previous insurer. They were able to tailor my policy to suit my needs and budget – though without compromise!
I saved over $300 a year on my car insurance and still have the same cover as I did with my other insurer.
When I look for car insurance there are two things I look for, value for money and good customer service and Real had both of those.
Great Customer Service, that’s what it boils down to. A real human being who can say ‘is everyone ok’ during a claim and calls us back to keep us up to date. That’s the difference! Your products are great but your people are outstanding!
The nearest quote I got from several other competitors was around the $1,200 mark. I just went for the insurance because it was a saving in excess of $400, I was really really happy
I’m twenty five years old and saved around $1664 per year on my car insurance.
I’ve converted our insurance over to Real Insurance in the last twelve months. As we have four policies, value was important to us. This ended up saving us around $350 on our two cars...I set everything up through the call centre, which was pretty easy and user friendly. I had been nervous to change insurer, but the whole process was simple and straight forward.
I started to travel to and from work on the train, which meant that I was rarely using my car. Six months ago, I jumped online to do a comparison. Getting a quote from Real Insurance was very simple and I liked the brand instantly, although I thought it was too good to be true! Switching to PAY As you Drive saved me $360 a year!
I went online and had a look and it was cheaper than anyone else so I signed up on the spot. When I switched to Real I saved at least $300.
Recently, I had a claim in after I had my windscreen smashed. They handled it in a manner that was professional, but also treated me like a real person, taking away much of the stress. They had the car fixed in a few days, plus the customer service and hospitality from the staff was excellent. I dealt with real people and no machines and I think that’s important.
I moved our two cars across to Real Insurance and have saved $1386.72 a year on my comprehensive car insurance. I just wish I could had done it sooner!
I purchased the policy online, and found the process pretty smooth and the prompts helpful. I have definitely saved money by changing to Real Insurance – around $328 per year! I’ve recommended it to some friends, who say they’ve also come out cheaper with Real too.
I joined Real Insurance about six months ago because I worked out that I could save $220 on my car insurance every year. I found the quote process to be simple and straight-forward.
My wife told me to give Real Insurance a try, and I saved $477.75 a year – almost half what I once paid in premiums. The Pay as you Drive option allows me to insure the car based on how much driving I do. Real Car Insurance is wonderful, comprehensive and the savings are really there to be made. 
To my delight I was treated with respect and understanding from the customer care agent who sold me my Real Insurance policy. He quoted me a saving of $663.7 on the cars, and $528 on the house. That’s a total of $1191 per year. I couldn’t believe it.
I’ve only been with Real Insurance for about four months. I did a lot of comparing, and for me, it was by far the best option – I saved $325 a year!
Real Insurance seemed more genuine than competitors, focused on my family's needs not their own goals. They were easy to deal with, spoke plain English not Insurance-ese and even looked up details of my vehicle to advise which standard or extra features needed cover! Easiest insurance conversation ever!
I’ve been with Real Insurance for the last year, and saved a substantial amount by switching. I recently lodged a claim after I discover that my car had been damaged while I had left it in a shopping centre car-park. I called up Real and they were extremely helpful, all the way through from the initial call to the final stage.
Insurance is so important to me – both the cost and also the quality. I saw the ad for Real, picked up the phone and got a quote. It was all quick and sharp. The savings are really important, no matter how big – especially when you have five kids to feed!
By switching to Real Insurance I saved over $30 a month which over the year was more than $350.
I bought my new Mazda 2 about six months ago. I did a lot of research on the net, receiving quotes from about five reputable companies. Real Insurance definitely gave me the best price. They allowed me to insure my car for the amount of kilometres I drive, which suited me well because I only drive a short distance to work.
Three months ago, I gave birth to gorgeous twins. I’ve had to give up a lot for them, including driving a small car. However, thanks to Real, I still have my little dream car – my Minnie, but it sits at home most of the time. Although I only drive it when I get the rare day off being a mum, I wouldn’t think of selling it. The Pay As You Drive option was ideal for me as I barely use my car. Since I’ve switched to Real, I saved around $400 a year on Minnie. Real savings!