Estate Planning

What to send instead of flowers at a funeral?

What to send as an expression of sympathy? In lieu of flowers. Sympathy gift etiquette. Sympathy gift ideas.

Plan for your funeral

Worried about leaving your loved ones with the burden of funeral costs? Plan ahead to make sure your family can say goodbye without financial stress.

Not just funeral costs

Are you worried about burdening your family with unexpected costs when you pass away? See how you can help your family by covering these costs too.

Do my debts die too?

Have you thought how your debts will be paid when you pass away? Follow these simple steps to leave your loved ones with happy memories not money worries.

Real relaunches Funeral Insurance

Real Insurance has relaunched its funeral insurance product, which resulted in reduced premiums across most age ranges and freezes premium increases at age 80.

Too old for insurance? Think again

Just because you’ve retired doesn’t mean you can’t get insurance. With age-specific policies, you can help protect your loved ones from the burden of unexpected costs.

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