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If you are considering bringing your insurance needs to Real Insurance, please take some time to meet some of our real customers and hear why they are so happy to use us.

We recently had to make a claim and wondered if the bad and ugly would surface. NOT SO! We were absolutely delighted with the way our claim was handled. Initially completing the claim online, we very quickly had a follow up call and emails and the claims personnel really made it a most positive experience.
Ten years after buying my house, I received my insurance renewal for my home and contents. I found myself surprised at the price increase, so decided to look into other options. Having been made redundant three years prior and now only working part time, I was in need of some Real savings. After some shopping around online, I was pleased to find that I could save 30% on my home and contents insurance with Real and get the exact same cover. It was also nice to complete the whole process in front of my computer without having someone try and sell me extras that I don’t want or need. I didn’t feel like I was being upsold at all. I’ve saved $673.24 per year with Real Insurance!
When I dealt with Real Insurance and I got a quote for my house and contents I saved about $250, which was excellent. I wasn't compromising any service.
Building a home is costly – not to mention having fitting insurance cover. Real Insurance saved me $389.40 annually. My transition to Real from my other insurer has been smooth, seamless and cost effective that I even moved my car insurance over.
Great Customer Service, that’s what it boils down to. A real human being who can say ‘is everyone ok’ during a claim and calls us back to keep us up to date. That’s the difference! Your products are great but your people are outstanding!
By switching to Real Insurance I've saved over $600 on 3 policies. Getting a quote online through Real was very easy, quick and efficient.
We are the proud parents of twelve week old twin daughters. After an expensive renewal came in from our previous insurer, my sister recommended Real Insurance to me, but I still shopped around as I like to find the best deal. Real Insurance came back with the most affordable price anyway. I’m so glad that we’ve switched, because we’ve since saved $312 per year!
I was unfortunate to have a significant flood at my home in early November. From the moment I was contacted my worries and stress levels disappeared thanks to the wonderful team that repaired my home. I know a lot of people would just think that’s what they pay insurance for, however I feel I need to pass on my gratitude.
To my delight I was treated with respect and understanding from the customer care agent who sold me my Real Insurance policy. He quoted me a saving of $663.7 on the cars, and $528 on the house. That’s a total of $1191 per year. I couldn’t believe it.
The 2 most important things for me with an insurance company is saving money and keeping the price down, but also if there is a problem, fixing it very quickly and Real Insurance have done both for me.
By switching to Real Insurance I've saved over $300. That means a lot to me. I recommend Real Insurance to all people that I come in contact with.
Today I received such great customer service from one of your team members in the call centre from the Home and Contents department…It was the first time I have received such service.
I had some severe storm damage to my roof and I had to make a claim. I picked up the phone and called Real Insurance. They made it so easy.

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