Tips for returning to work after an accident or illness

Whether you’ve suffered an injury on the job or at home, or have come down with an illness that keeps you out of work for an extended period, there are often times in your life that you may be unable to work and experience a long-term absence from your job. When it’s time to return to work, it’s important you’re fully prepared – especially if you are still recovering.

Real Insurance tips for returning to work

Understand how different injuries and illnesses can affect your return to work and recovery time

Safe Work Australia named the most common reasons for injury or illness.1

  • Body stressing: 38%
  • Falls, trips and slips: 23.6%
  • Being hit by moving objects: 15.6%
  • Hitting objects with a part of the body: 7.6%
  • Vehicle incidents: 6.4%
  • Mental stress: 6.3%

Determine your capacity for specific duties

  • Lifting/carrying capacity.
  • Sitting tolerance.
  • Standing tolerance.
  • Pushing/pulling ability.
  • Bending/twisting/squatting ability.
  • Driving ability.
  • Psychological considerations.
  • Requirement to keep any unhealed wounds clean and dry.

While easing back into work can be a challenge at first, some early planning can make all the difference. Following these tips are a great way to start looking out for your income. You can also download our free Guide to Income Protection Insurance to learn more.


  1. Australian Workers’ Compensation Statistics [PDF]Safe Work Australia

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