What Does Bill Insurance Cover?

Bill Insurance pays you a cash benefit when you are temporarily disabled as a result of a sickness or injury. It can help you cover expenses such as mortgage, rent and car payments, phone, internet and electricity bills, childcare, even medical costs.

To make it more affordable for you, we help you tailor your Bill Insurance to suit your needs, keeping premiums low if that’s what you’d prefer. When you sign up for Real Bill Insurance, you have the flexibility to choose:

  • Your Benefit Amount – how much we pay you when you are disabled due to injury or sickness. Choose from $1,000 up to $3,500 a month
  • Your Benefit Period – how long you’d like your benefit to continue while you’re disabled. You can choose a Benefit Period of six months, one year or two years

What’s covered?

Bill Insurance from Real Insurance helps to cover you for:

Disabling Sickness or Injury

We’ll pay you a benefit, subject to the Policy terms, if:

  • You are employed for over 20 hours a week and can’t work due to sickness or injury, or
  • You perform unpaid work and are unable to perform at least three of your domestic duties because of sickness or injury, or
  • You are aged 65 or over and you are unable to perform at least 2 of the activities of daily living without the physical assistance of someone else and without the use of special equipment

Hospital Cash Benefit

Real Bill Insurance also includes a Hospital Cash Benefit at no extra cost. So if an Accident puts you in hospital for more than 48 consecutive hours during the Waiting Period, we’ll pay you $100 for each day you’re there, for up to 10 days.

Optional Children’s Insurance cover

By adding Children’s Insurance to your Bill Insurance, you can make sure you have money for extra expenses if your child suffers an insured serious injury or illness.

What’s not covered?

Like most insurance policies, Bill Insurance has some exclusions to help keep premiums low. Real Bill Insurance doesn’t pay a benefit for a disabling sickness or injury caused by:

  • A pre-existing medical condition, or
  • A mental disorder or illness, or
  • An intentional self- inflicted act, or
  • Attempted suicide, or
  • Drug use, or
  • Intoxication by alcohol, or
  • An aviation accident (except as a fare-paying passenger on a commercial airline), or
  • Activity at a height over 20 metres above ground or a depth of 30 metres below ground or underwater, or
  • Normal pregnancy, or
  • War, or
  • Engaging in any criminal activities or illegal acts

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