Who Needs Bill Insurance?

If you have bills to pay, then Bill Cover could be for you. Because when illness or injury strikes, the bills continue to pile up, even though our income may stop.

If you’re temporarily disabled, Bill Cover helps to cover the cost of everyday expenses such as electricity and phone bills, even childcare, until you’re back on your feet. And if a child is sick or injured, our optional Children’s Insurance can help with extra expenses, from medical costs to school tuition.

Three reasons to take out Real Bill Cover:

  • We guarantee to cover Australian residents aged between 18 and 59
  • For those who are working, premiums are usually tax deductible
  • No medicals, blood tests, or proof of income needed to apply


Whether you’re an independent single or you have a family who depend on you, Bill Cover is essential protection to make sure your daily expenses are covered if you can’t work due to injury or illness – after all, the bills don’t stop rolling in.

Bill Cover is straightforward, affordable cover that pays a predictable benefit regardless of your income or changing circumstances. So even if you switch jobs, go part-time or even stop work altogether, you’ll have the same level of cover.


If the main carer in your home got sick or injured, what would it cost to pay for cooking, cleaning, childcare and other essential tasks while they got better?

That’s why Bill Cover is worth considering, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you can afford to get help for all the essentials, so you can recover without needless stress.

You’ll receive a monthly cash benefit to help pay for things like childcare, a cleaner, cooked meals and taxi fares. You can also use the money to take care of extra healthcare bills.

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