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Real Life Insurance is launching a new campaign focusing on the importance of the Australian family.

What does a Real Family look like in Australia?

Times have moved on from the old-fashion nuclear idea of family with a mum, dad, two kids, a dog and a white picket fence. Australia’s population is at 24 million and growing at a rate of 1.6 percent with 58 percent of the increase coming from migration and the rest from births and deaths.

Close to 27 percent of Australians are now born overseas and Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. In modern Australia, families today take on many different formats, this could be two parents, the single parent, the adoptive parents, grandparents, same sex parents, step families, multi-generational large families or even couples without children.

A Real Family doesn’t come in “ones size fits all”

A Real Family supports each other and celebrates life together; they are there for one another when things are tough. Family is not easy. It has ups and downs, struggles and challenges, but it’s the support within a family that makes a Real Family. It’s what people sacrifice. The single parent working two plus jobs to put food on the table or the parents going without so their kids can have more. It’s one family taking in another family in need or three generations living under the same roof. A Real Family might forfeit many things, but their support for each other is what gets them through.

“Family is the most important thing in the world.”

— Princess Diana

The Real Insurance campaign is all about celebrating Australian families. It’s about recognising the diversity and importance of families. Putting family first, getting on top of your finances, health and insurances. Protecting your family when they need it the most.

However you define your Family, it is important for you take the time, make it a priority and focus on your future. Contact Real Insurance if you want to learn more about our Life Insurance and Income Protection products.


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