How to answer tough interview questions [Checklist]

Let’s face it, interviews can be scary. Often, you’re unsure of exactly what you’ll be walking into, and whether you’ll get along with, or impress the interviewer/s. If you’ve done your due diligence, you’ll at least have completed your ‘homework’ on the position, the hiring company, and have done a little bit of research on who will be in the interview with you.

Real Insurance has spoken to recruitment expert Amie Duignan, founder of recruitment agency AD Connects, in the field of applications and job interviews to get the low-down on some of the more common “tough” interview questions you might face, and how best to answer them.

She says, “I know this sounds super cliché, but I have been in your shoes. I’ve felt lost, confused and honestly so stressed in my career. Seven years ago, I had no idea what I wanted to do or what was even important to me, I was working a job I knew I didn’t love but couldn’t find a way out. I had no idea how to get what I wanted or what that truly was, and I kept thinking, ‘it will be okay, something will change.’ I didn’t realise that the ‘something’ I wanted to change, was actually that I had to change.”

Growth in the job market could mean more opportunities

With the Australian Labour Market predicting that 91.7% of new jobs will require post-school education, and more than three-fifths of the total projected employment growth will occur in high skill level jobs, it makes sense that interviewees need to be on top of their skillset growth, as well as their ability to present well and aim for new job roles.

Employment is projected to grow in 291 out of 358 occupations over the five years to November 2026, with strongest growth in the Health Care and Social Assistance industries. Back in April, it was reported that unemployment had reached a record low of 4%, meaning that the job market is strong, even despite claims of a Great Resignation.

Tough interview questions – and how to answer them

If now is the perfect time to seek out your dream job, or a higher salary or better conditions, then it’s time to think about your interview technique. In fact, there are many questions that interviewers use again and again to vet candidates, such as the classic, “Tell me your biggest weakness,” or, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

How do you answer these questions so that you remain true to yourself, but also give the best impression you can to your interviewer?

Download Real’s How to answer tough interview questions [Checklist] and walk into your interview feeling as confident and prepared as you can.

How to answer tough interview questions [Checklist]