Car insurance rates for men and women

Should car insurance cost more based on your gender? Are women better drivers than men or is it the other way around?

Certainly many car insurance companies charge different premiums based on whether you are a man or a woman and the different risk involved in insuring your car whether you are male or female.

But who really is the better driver, men or women?

A recent blog post from Freakonomics listed quite a few entertaining comments from readers on this subject. Here’s a favourite:

“My husband usually drives when we’re out together because he THINKS he’s a better driver… Hmmm… I’ve never driven the car into the garage so as to rip off a car door I myself left open. I’ve not ripped bikes off the roof. I’ve never run into a truck, nor backed into an enormous recycling bin, crumpling the rear end. I signal. When I corner, things in the car don’t slide around. But when he drives… well, I’m glad that he has many other skills, like cooking.”

Gender and Fender Benders, Freakonomics

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