Do you need pet insurance?

Every year, Australians spend more than ever before on our four-legged friends — especially on medical care. That’s why pet insurance is an option well worth considering.

Australia enjoys one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, with an estimated 33 million pets loved and cared for across the country.* But owning a pet isn’t just an emotional investment. It can also be a big financial investment — especially with the rising costs of pet care. That’s why taking out insurance for your beloved cat or dog can give you financial protection against accidents and medical emergencies, as well as covering the costs of routine care to keep your pet healthy and happy.

The joys of owning a pet

The research confirms what so many of us already know — pets have huge benefits for owners of all ages, whether as playmates for children or companions for the elderly. Your dog or cat is even good for your health. Studies show that sickness is lower among people with pets.* Pet owners are often more active, have greater contact with the community around them, get out of the house more — and may even need to visit the doctor less.

What’s more, spending time with cats or dogs can be especially therapeutic for people suffering from an illness or disability. No wonder many people treat their pets as valued family members, lavishing hours of care and attention on them.

Looking after a pet

Because your pet is important to you and your family, you want the best possible care for them. But as our standard of living improves, the costs of quality pet care are also on the rise.

When you think about everything you do for your pet, it’s not surprising that the costs add up. They include everything from dog or cat food, dietary supplements, hygienic products like cat litter, services like dog walking or grooming — and, of course, vet treatments.

In fact, Australians are now spending over $6 billion annually on our pets and their care. For the average household, this comes to an expense of roughly $1,000 a year for a dog or $600 a year for a cat.* And that figure can skyrocket if your pet suffers a serious accident or disease.

Why get pet insurance?

If your pet became ill or was in an accident, it would be emotional blow to the entire family. You might even be faced with a heart-breaking decision about your cherished companion if you were unable to afford the expenses of life-saving surgery or ongoing medication.

That’s where pet insurance comes in giving you the peace of mind of knowing your cat or dog will be looked after if they become sick or injured. Your insurance may even cover extras for preventative care such as vaccinations, health checks and de-sexing.

The good news is that pet insurance can be very affordable. And as we know, happy pets make happy owners. So why not take the time to explore different pet insurance plans and find the best option for you and your furry friend?

This is general information only and does not take into account your financial situation.

Australian Companion Animal Council, Contribution of the Pet Care Industry to the Australian Economy, 7th edition, 2010.

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