Hilarious names people give their pets

First we have some Noodles

We all have a name in our head that we’d quite like to give to a pet, but often it’s famous people who rise above and beyond the regular Fluffy, Snowy or Fuzzy. Kelly Osbourne was once the famous owner of a Pomeranian she called Noodles. Unfortunately Noodles went to the great puppy home in the sky, but Kelly now has a bulldog called Willy. Not such a crazy name but Willy is a hero. He allegedly saved Kelly’s life in March 2014 by pulling her back from an oncoming speeding car. Now that’s a woman’s best friend.

America’s first president had Sweetlips

Actress Rachael Bilson has a mixed breed dog with the slightly bizarre name of Thurman Murman – reportedly the name of a character in the movie Bad Santa. But it’s perhaps not as bizarre as George Washington’s choice of names – as well as Madam Moose, Mopsey, Pilot and Tartar, the first President of the United States (1789–1797), and a keen dog breeder, once called one of his 10 beloved hounds by the lovely name of Sweetlips.

Then there’s Martha Stewart and Ghenghis Khan

Martha Stewart is the proud owner of a Chow Chow called Ghenghis Khan. This fluffy pooch has won Westminster’s Best of Breed at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and accompanies her on dinner dates. Sounds almost as influential as the original.

Then comes Oprah times two

Actress Eva Longoria was once a Desperate Housewife and her Pug is named after the queen of all daytime talk show hosts – Oprah. She also has a Maltese called Jinxy who appears to be the opposite of a jinx. The fluffy pup attracts more photographers when they’re out walking than Eva. Oprah is obviously a popular name in the world of celebrity pets with 50 Cent calling his Miniature Schnauzer Oprah Winfree. He doesn’t carry his Oprah in a handbag, but Winfree does have a Twitter handle @OprahTheDog, with almost 12k followers.

From Hemingway to Shakespurr

Fall Out Boy bass player Pete Wentz had his bulldog Hemingway star in one of the band’s music videos and Hemingway was even the ring bearer at his wedding to Ashlee Simpson. We wonder if he’ll eventually get a cat and call it Shakespurr, so they can read to each other, or at least purr and drool over the literary classics.

More dogs with foody names

Honey Child was the name of Nicole Richie’s Shih Tzu (along with her other pet Foxy Cleopatra) before she became the proud owner of a German Shepherd called Iro. On the theme of pets with names like food, Singer John Legend has often been seen out and about with his bulldog Puddy, while Adam Sandler has been the proud Big Daddy to three bulldogs in his time: Matzoball, Meatball and Babu. Imagine calling them in a park full of people. It wouldn’t just be the dogs drooling.

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