What makes your dog or cat happy?

Whether you’re a fan of cats or dogs, all animal lovers enjoy seeing the wagging tail of their favourite terrier or hearing the contented purr of the often misunderstood house cat. Unfortunately pet happiness is often taken for granted and while it’s likely we will never know what makes a dog or cat truly happy, below are a number of ways you can ensure your favourite pets get the best life possible.

What makes a dog happy?

Dogs are by nature, very sociable animals, they love games and they use tail wagging as a way to communicate with their owner, other humans and dogs. Even wolves in the wild wag their tail at the leader of the pack to show them respect or express dominance.

It goes without saying that to make your dog happy you should give them attention, feed them, groom them, pet them and exercise them regularly but the following activities should help to get your dog’s tail wagging even more:

  • Take them walking near the beach or a park where they are likely to come across new smells and other dogs
  • Introduce a new play toy, or hide an old one and reintroduce it again to get them excited all over again
  • Bury some treats in an area of dirt or sand so they can dig until their little heart is content
  • Hide some treats around the garden, or in specially designed toys
  • Teach them how to play fetch – it’s great exercise and a lot of fun
  • Take them to dog training where they can be sociable and learn some obedience
  • Teach them tricks and offer them treats as a reward

What makes a cat happy?

Cats are naturally curious and are born to explore, they need a space with interesting hiding places and objects to pounce on. It can be safer for cats to be kept indoors where there are fewer risks such as predators, cars or other cats.

The average life of an indoor cat can be over 15 years, whereas a cat that spends most of their time outside can have an average life span of 2 years. If you are going to keep your cat inside, you need to make sure they will have enough toys to keep them entertained and to satisfy their need to hunt.

These are some ways to keep your cat happy:

  • Rub your head against theirs, it will make them love you as this is what their mother would have done to them when they were a kitten
  • Clean their litter tray regularly: cats are very clean animals and don’t like to use dirty trays
  • Allow them to have their own space with a bed and scratching post so that they know they have their own little retreat in the house
  • Provide interesting toys and dangling objects for them to pounce on, like a toy mouse or a jingling bell tied to a rope hanging off their scratching post

With a little bit of love and attention it’s easy to provide a great life for all your favourite pets, keeping them in the best of health and ensuring they live an exciting and fulfilling life.

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