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More information about this Corporate Social Responsibility initiative can be found in the realSpaces proposal.

realSpaces proposal

About realSpaces

The realSpaces outdoor gyms initiative is the first of its kind across Australia with state-of-the-art outdoor equipment that is designed to be used by all ages from eight-years-old and upwards and suitable for all abilities.

The cardio equipment has a built in level of resistance that creates a lifelike gym workout and the strength and toning equipment is designed so that a user is lifting approximately 30% of their weight, creating a safe yet dynamic workout.

About Real Insurance

Real Insurance is an award-winning Australian insurer, with a goal to protect the quality of people’s lives. Complementary to this is helping to improve people’s wellbeing by encouraging communities across Australia to become more fit and active.

Through the realSpaces initiative, Real Insurance aims to help Australians of all ages to improve their health and wellbeing, by making exercise equipment more available and accessible.

In partnership with local councils across Australia, Real Insurance will be placing more realSpaces gyms in existing green spaces within local communities to encourage community fitness and outdoor exercise.

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