Real Funeral Insurance – Thanks Mum TV commercial

It’s the simple things you do that mean the most. So why not take a moment now to protect your loved ones from the unavoidable costs of your funeral?

Get Real Funeral Insurance over phone like this senior mum did, to give her daughter peace of mind. Premiums reduce by 5% every 5 years you hold the policy.

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Video transcript

DAUGHTER: Thanks for picking up the boys.

MUM / GRANDMA: Never a problem – you know that. Hey, I wanted to tell you… I finally got funeral insurance.

DAUGHTER: Mum - really?

MUM / GRANDMA: You’ve got enough on your plate without worrying about my funeral costs one day…So, I got Real Funeral Insurance. It was really easy.


CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE: It’s the simple things you do that mean the most. With Real Funeral Insurance you’re guaranteed cover with no health questions or medicals.

And with the Real Payback Guarantee, the funeral benefit is your chosen cover amount or the total premiums paid – whichever’s more. Or if your situation changes as you get older, you can select an early cash payout of 150% of your cover amount.

Your premiums reduce by 5% every 5 years. You’ll even get back 10% of the premiums paid with the Real Reward.

Getting Real Funeral Insurance is one simple thing you can do now to take pressure off your loved ones later on. For a quick quote call 139 138 or search Real Funeral Insurance!