Real Life Insurance – On Two Wheels TV commercial

It’s moments like this that will be remembered forever. And sometimes it’s what you decide to do in these moments that can mean the most to those you love.

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Video transcript

DAD: You got this buddy.

MUM: Oh wow – he’s doing it!

SON: Daddy look!

DAD: This is what it’s all about.

MUM: I just want him to have every opportunity – no matter what happens. So, I did some research on getting life insurance…

DAD: Oh yeah?

MUM: I looked at Real Insurance and it seems really easy so I think we should get it.

DAD: Alright – let’s call them when we get home.

CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE: Getting Real Life Insurance is something simple you can do right now to help your family have a secure future, even if the worst happened.

It’s easy to organise over the phone with no medicals, blood tests or paperwork required. Just call for a quote and select up to $1 million cover.

And if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, you’ll receive your full benefit amount. You’ll even get back 10% of premiums you’ve paid after 12 months with The Real Reward.

Getting Real Life Insurance is one simple thing you can do right now. To get a quote call 139 239 or search ‘Real Life Insurance’