Real Life Insurance – Walk in the Park TV commercial

Life’s always changing, and your responsibilities change too. Do something simple to protect your family.

Get Real Life Insurance with up to $1 million cover (depending on age), and you even get back 10% of premiums paid after 12 months of your policy with The Real Reward. Call 1300 377 325 or request a quote now.

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Video transcript

WOMAN 1: So, when do you get the keys?

WOMAN 2: Next week. We’re excited but worried too. A mortgage is a huge commitment especially since I’m staying home with Anthony now…and what if something happened to one of us?

WOMAN 1: Have you thought about getting life insurance?

WOMAN 2: Yeah but we haven’t done anything about it.

WOMAN 1: Well, we got ours from Real Insurance. It was a lot easier to sort out than you’d think… You should give them a call.

WOMAN 2: Yeah, you’re right…as usual!

CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE: Getting Real Life Insurance can help secure your family’s future, even if the worst happened. You can easily protect your loved ones with a cover amount up to $1 million.

And if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, you’ll receive your full benefit amount. You can get covered over the phone now with no medicals, blood tests or paperwork.

You’ll even get back 10% of premiums you’ve paid after 12 months with The Real Reward.

Getting Real Life Insurance is one simple thing you can do right now. To get a quote call 139 429 or search ‘Real Life Insurance’.