Real Life Insurance – What If TV commercial

Imagine how a terminal illness diagnosis or sudden death would affect the financial security of your family?

With Real Life Insurance 100% of your benefit paid in advance if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, and you get back 10% of premiums you’ve paid after 12 months with The Real Reward. Call 1300 377 325 or request a quote now.

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Video transcript

Woman: Hey, you ok?

Man: Spoke to Chris. His specialist said they should start making plans…

Woman: Oh no…

Man: Imagine being in their shoes? So, I did one simple thing that I should have done ages ago. I called and got Real Life Insurance.

Woman: Really?

Man: Yeah, it didn’t take long and I feel better knowing we’re protected.

Customer Service Representative: How would a terminal illness diagnosis or death affect the security of your family?

With Real Life Insurance, there’s no medical required when you apply since we ask underwriting questions over the phone. Simply choose a cover amount, up to $1 million.

Your full benefit gets paid in advance if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness. And we may pay a $10,000 advance funeral payout while your claim is assessed.

We’ll even give you back 10% of the premiums you’ve paid after 12 months.

Real Life Insurance – award winning protection for your family. To get a quick quote call 139 519 or search ‘Real Life Insurance’.