Pay As You Drive Insurance

If you want the security of Comprehensive car insurance but you only drive a little, then Pay As You Drive cover could be for you. This cover offers all the benefits of Comprehensive cover for a competitive price because you only pay for the kilometres that you plan to drive.

Save up to 20% when you buy online1

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What’s covered

  • Get more protection with optional extras, including our Pet cover and Bicycle cover2
  • If your new car is a total loss in the first year we may replace it with a brand new car and pay your on-road costs as well.
  • If you use one of our specially selected repairers when you make a claim, we'll give you a guarantee on their repairs.
  • Pay out of up to $500 to help replace child safety seats, baby capsules and prams damaged as part of your claim
  • Lock and key replacement if your car keys are stolen
  • Coverage of valuables in your car if they're damaged in an accident
  • Help with repair cost to your trailer or caravan if attached to your car in an accident
  • Protection against damage to your car when it's being transported

For full details and to decide which cover is right for you, read our Product Disclosure Statement.

How it works

Step 1

Get a quote

Call us on 13 19 48 or Get a Quote & Buy Online, and tell us how many kilometres you plan to drive each year. We'll let you know if you qualify and give you a quote.

Step 2

Choose your range

Next, confirm how many kilometres you plan to drive during the year ahead.

Step 3

Top up your kilometres

If you think you’ll go over your range, simply call us to top up your kilometres. (You’ll need to pay to increase your kilometre range.)

If you make a claim at a time when you’re over your agreed range, then you’ll pay a higher excess, shown on your Certificate of Insurance.

On average $1.40 per day3

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Compare Pay As You Drive to Comprehensive car insurance.

Why choose Real Insurance?

  • Save when you buy online, with an instant discount of up to 20%1
  • Choose your level of excess to keep premiums low
  • Choose either market value or your own agreed value for cover to help you save even more
  • Claims team located in Australia, with 24/7 assistance available for emergency claims
  • Flexible payment options and pay by the month at no extra cost

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  1. Valid for new car insurance policies bought online before 31 August 2015 will receive up to 15% off the premium, applies for the first policy year only. A further discount of up to 5% off applies to exclude drivers under the age of 25. Minimum premiums apply.
  2. If applicable, the optional extra for:
    • Pet Cover covers up to $1,000 in vet bills for treating injuries of up to two dogs or cats if they are injured in an accident while in the insured car, and
    • Bicycle Cover covers up to $1,000 in repairs to up to two bikes if they’re damaged in an accident while in or on the insured car.
  3. This refers to the price our customers paid on average per day for our products.

    Dollar figure based on an average per day cost of what our customers paid for this insurance purchased in the preceding three month period, updated quarterly. Actual amount payable by you will vary depending on your circumstances including, cover purchased, sum insured, excess chosen, risk factors including location, claim history and security features.