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Comprehensive car insurance for people who drive less

If you want the security of Comprehensive car insurance but you only drive a little, then Pay As You Drive cover could be for you. Available exclusively to those who drive less, Pay As You Drive offers all the benefits of Comprehensive insurance for a competitive price because you only pay for the kilometres you plan to drive. And if you need more, you can always top up your cover. Simple!

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Complete cover that rewards you for driving less

  • Get Comprehensive cover for less, by only paying for the kilometres you plan to drive — so the less you drive, the more you save
  • Pay As You Drive car insurance from only $1.42 per day*
  • Save when you buy online, with an instant discount of up to 15%
  • Get more optional extras, including our unique Pet cover and Bicycle cover#
  • Top up your kilometres in minutes with a single phone call
  • Benefit from effortless claims, with a 24 hour emergency line and your own personal claims agent located in Australia
From as little as $1.42 per day*
How it works

Be rewarded for driving less

Pay As You Drive insurance is exclusively available to people who drive less than the average for their age and postcode.

It only takes a few moments to check that you qualify and apply:

Step 1

Get a quote

Call us on 13 19 48 or get a quick car insurance quote online, tell us how many kilometres you drive each year. We'll let you know if you qualify and give you a quote.
Step 2

Choose your range

Next, confirm how many kilometres you plan to drive during the year ahead.
Step 3 (optional)

Top up your kilometres

If you think you’ll go over your range, simply call us to top up your kilometres. (You’ll need to pay to increase your kilometre range.)

If you make a claim at a time when you’re over your agreed range, then you’ll pay a higher excess, shown on your Certificate of Insurance.  
Compare Pay As You Drive to Comprehensive car insurance
Quick cover guide

Cover you can count on

Comprehensive car insurance covers you for accidents, fire, storms, theft, damage to your car and belongings, damage to other people’s cars and property.

New for old replacement

If your car is a total loss in the first year, we may replace it with a brand new car - and pay your on-road costs as well.

Guarantee on repairs

Use one of our specially selected repairers when you make a car claim, and we'll give you a guarantee on their repairs.

Agreed value or market value

Choose your own level of cover from a range of current values.

Effortless claims

Make a claim in minutes online 24 hours a day or over the phone, with no paperwork and your own personal claims agent to make things easy.

Essential repairs

We'll pay for essential repairs after an accident or theft, so you won't be left stranded.

Please note: This is a summary of our car insurance policy features and benefits. For full details and to decide which cover is right for you, you must read our Product Disclosure Statement.

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Complete protection

We've designed our Comprehensive car insurance to give you maximum protection for real peace of mind. You'll benefit from the same great savings as our other cover options, plus special features like new for old replacement and a guarantee on repairs. And you'll also enjoy extra cover, including:

Personal property cover

If you have valuables in your car and they're damaged in an accident, we cover them too.

Trailer and caravan cover

If your trailer or caravan is attached to your car in an accident we’ll help cover the cost of repairs.

Essential repairs

After an accident or theft, so you won't be stranded.

Emergency travel and accommodation costs

So your plans won't be ruined just because your car is out of action.

Lock and key replacement

If your car keys are stolen.

Transit cover

Protection against damage to your car when it's being transported.

Substitute car cover

Third party property cover when your car is out of action and you're using another car (not a hire car).

A choice of excess

Choose your level of excess to keep premiums low.

Child safety seats and prams

We even pay up to $500 to help you replace child safety seats, baby capsules and prams damaged as part of your claim.

Please note: This is a summary of our car insurance policy features and benefits. For full details and to decide which cover is right for you, you must read our Product Disclosure Statement.

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Real savings

Real is all about affordable, easy to understand insurance. Where we can save you money, we will.

Here are some of the ways we help you save:

  • Buy car insurance online and you can save up to 15% straight away
  • Be rewarded with great savings for driving less
  • Choose your own agreed value for cover
  • Choose a higher excess to save on premiums
  • Pay by the month at no extra cost

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Optional extras

Roadside Assistance

Get fast help with breakdowns, batteries and flat tyres from Real Road Care — anytime, anywhere in Australia.

Find out more about Roadside Assistance

Pet cover

Give your four-legged friends the care they deserve — with up to 80% of vet bills covered if your pet is injured in an accident while in your car.

Find out more about Pet cover

Bicycle cover

Take care of your other set of wheels, with cover that protects your bike if it is in your car and damaged in an accident.

Find out more about Bicycle cover

Hire Car cover

Make sure you're never without wheels, even when your car is being repaired.

Find out more about Hire Car cover

Excess-free Windscreen cover

Claim for windscreen damage without paying any excess.

Find out more about Windscreen cover

24-month New Car Replacement cover

Extend your new car cover for an extra 12 months, so if it’s a total loss in the first two years, we may replace it with a new car and pay your on road costs.

Find out more about extending your new Car Replacement cover

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Quality Cover

We’ve worked hard to create great quality cover for complete peace of mind.

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Great Value

We’re all about affordable, easy to understand insurance.

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Effortless Claims

We’ve made claims fast, effortless and hassle-free.

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† This is a first year offer only and valid for new car insurance policies bought online which receive up to a 10% discount off the premium. Drivers over the age of 25 are eligible to receive a further discount of up to 5% off the undiscounted premium.

# If applicable, the optional extra for:

  • Pet Cover covers up to $1,000 in vet bills for treating injuries of up to two dogs or cats if they are injured in an accident while in the insured car, and
  • Bicycle Cover covers up to $1,000 in repairs to up to two bikes if they’re damaged in an accident while in or on the insured car.

* Price based on the average per day cost of our Third Party car insurance policies.

** 8.5 from 10 of respondents surveyed rated a 6 or 7 out of a possible 7 points when asked to rate the statement “Use plain, simple language in all our dealings with you”. Final figure is rounded and based on Real Insurance customer surveys in Jan 2013.

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Great Customer Service, that’s what it boils down to. A real human being who can say ‘is everyone ok’ during a claim and calls us back to keep us up to date. That’s the difference! Your products are great but your people are outstanding!”

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"I went online and had a look and it was cheaper than anyone else so I signed up on the spot. When I switched to Real I saved at least $300."

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"I saved over $300 a year on my car insurance and still have the same cover as I did with my other insurer."

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"I could personally tailor my needs with their Build Your Own product.  I have saved about $100 a year insuring my car online with Real."

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"Paying my premium monthly is a big bonus for me 'cause I pay it at no extra cost so that works for me. I've saved $100s by switching to Real."

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“Real Insurance seemed more genuine than competitors, focused on my family's needs not their own goals. They were easy to deal with, spoke plain English not Insurance-ese and even looked up details of my vehicle to advise which standard or extra features needed cover! Easiest insurance conversation ever!

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"By switching to Real Insurance I saved over $30 a month which over the year was more than $350."

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"The nearest quote I got from several other competitiors was around the $1,200 mark. I just went for the insurance because it was a saving in excess of $400, I was really really happy"

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"When I look for car insurance there are two things I look for, value for money and good customer service and Real had both of those."

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Sheena Car Insurance customer

Donna Car Insurance customer

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