What Does Funeral Insurance Cover?

Real Guaranteed Funeral Insurance Flexi Plus helps protect your family from the costs of your funeral and other expenses after you’ve gone.

When you take out Guaranteed Funeral Insurance Flexi Plus from Real Insurance, we’ll pay your chosen benefit (from $3,000 up to $15,000) to your family quickly – generally within 1 business day of receiving completed documents.

This benefit is paid for Accidental Death only in the first 12 months, then death by any cause after this time.

Also, if your death is accidental, we’ll triple your chosen benefit. So this means your family could receive up to $45,000, providing additional financial support at an already difficult time.

You’ll also be covered for Accidental Serious Injury Insurance, at no additional cost. This means you can receive a cash benefit, which is equal to 3 times your chosen Guaranteed Funeral Insurance Flexi Plus Benefit Amount, if you suffer an accidental serious injury (as outlined in the PDS).

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