What isn’t covered?

Like all insurance policies, we have some exclusions. To help you understand what you can’t claim under your pet insurance policy, here are some of the most important.

Remember, other exclusions also apply – see the relevant Pet Insurance Policy Booklet incorporating the Product Disclosure Statement for details or call us on 1300 665 965.

When can’t you claim?

Real Pet Insurance doesn’t pay a benefit for injury or illness (unless stated on your Certificate of Insurance) caused by:

  • A Pre-existing Condition unless agreed by us, and certain specified illnesses
  • A malicious act, deliberate injury or gross negligence by you, or someone living with you
  • Your failure to take all reasonable precautions to care for your pet, including not following your vet’s recommendations
  • Cruciate ligament conditions in the first 6 months of the policy, unless this Waiting Period has been waived by us
  • Breeding or obstetrics
  • Dental problems or oral disease
  • Grooming or bathing your pet

Other exclusions include (unless stated on your Certificate of Insurance):

  • Ambulance fees and non-essential hospitalisation
  • Treatment while your pet is used for commercial or occupational purposes, such as racing or guarding (Guide dogs and Assistance Dogs are exempt from this exclusion)
  • Behavioural problems or conditions caused by behavioural problems
  • Training, socialisation, therapy and alternative therapies
  • Pet food, vitamins or dietary supplements, even when prescribed by a vet
  • Routine examinations such as flea, tick and worm control
  • Elective treatments, including desexing
  • Medication that is not approved by the APVMA unless agreed by us in writing
  • Organ transplant surgery, artificial limbs or prosthetics
  • Genetic/chromosome testing or cell replacement therapies

For a full list of exclusions, refer to the relevant Policy Booklet incorporating the Product Disclosure Statement.

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