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Compare Home Insurance products and find the product to best suit you. Real Insurance offers building and/or contents insurance for the home you live in as well as for landlord properties you own but do not live in.

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Top Cover Essential Cover Landlord’s Cover
Save 10% when you buy a combined Home & Contents policy1 Yes Yes No
14 day money-back guarantee2 Yes Yes Yes
Choose your level of excess to keep premiums low Yes Yes Yes
24/7 emergency claims Yes Yes Yes
New for old replacement Yes Yes Yes
Replacement of insured items stolen from inside your home Yes Yes Yes
Replace items and repair damage caused by a fire or explosion Yes Yes Yes
Replace items and repair damage caused by earthquake, lightning, storm, flood and rainwater Yes Yes Yes
Replace items and repair damage caused by the sudden, unexpected or accidental escape of liquids, such as sudden burst pipes Yes Yes Yes
Replace items and repair damage caused malicious damage, impact, riots, civil commotion or industrial unrest Yes Yes Yes
Accidental glass breakage Yes Yes Yes
Accidental damage to your insured building and/or contents Yes No No
Emergency storage of contents Yes Yes No
Contents in the open air at your home Yes Yes Yes
Contents in your home office Yes Yes No
Emergency accommodation Yes Yes No
Replacement of locks Yes Yes No
Legal liability3 Yes Yes Yes
Funeral expenses Yes Yes No
Temporary accomodation for your dogs and/or cats Yes Yes No
Discharge of mortgage costs Yes Yes No
Guests’ contents Yes Yes No
Document replacement Yes Yes No
Tools of trade Yes Yes No

Please note: This is a summary of our home and contents insurance policy features and benefits. For full details and to decide which cover is right for you, you must read our Product Disclosure Statement.

See how much you could save

  1. A discount of 10% is applied to your premium when you combine Home and Contents on one Home Insurance Policy. The discount will apply to the first 12 months of your Real Home Insurance policy. The discount will be reapplied for 12 months each time your Real Home Insurance policy is renewed so long as you continue to combine Home and Contents on one Home Insurance policy and we continue to offer the discount. Discount does not apply to taxes or government charges.
  2. Cancel your policy within 14 days without making a claim and get your money back.
  3. If you're sued for negligence or damage, you're covered for homeowners liability (home and contents policies) or personal liability (contents only policies).