What’s covered by Income Protection Insurance?

Instead of getting a one-size-fits-all policy, you can tailor your Income Protection Insurance to suit your own needs and budget, so it’s also affordable for you.

When you get Real Income Protection Insurance, you can choose:

  • Your Benefit – The amount we pay you when you can’t work because of injury or illness. You can choose any amount from $1,000 to $10,000 a month – up to 75% of your monthly pre-tax income
  • Your Waiting Period – The time you need to wait between stopping work and starting to receive a benefit. You can choose a waiting period of 30 days or 90 days
  • Your Benefit Period – How long you’d like your benefit to last while you’re unable to work. You can choose a Benefit Period of 6 months, 1 year, 2 years or 5 years

What’s covered?

As part of your Real Income Protection Insurance you’ll be covered for:

Up to 75% of your monthly income before tax, to a maximum of $10,000

We’ll pay you a benefit if:

  • You can’t work due to serious illness or injury
  • Your earning ability is reduced by 20% or more due to sickness or injury

Optional additional cover

You can extend your cover by applying for one or more of these optional covers for an extra premium:

What isn’t covered?

Like all insurance policies, we have some exclusions. Real Income Protection Insurance doesn’t pay a benefit for a disabling illness or injury caused by:

  • A mental disorder or illness
  • A self-inflicted act
  • Attempted suicide
  • Drug use
  • Normal pregnancy
  • War
  • Engaging in any criminal activities or illegal acts

There are some other exclusions too – see the Product Disclosure Statement for details.

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