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Real Home Insurance

Home Insurance to protect the home that keeps you safe – Real’s home and contents insurance covers anything from broken windows to bushfires. We can even help protect your valuables when you’re out and about.

Whether you are looking to cover your house, its contents or your investment property, we’ve got great value options to suit your needs.

Do you need extra assistance?

If you are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment, contact the National Relay Service and provide them with the Real Insurance phone number 13 19 48 or you can select our Special Needs option when you call us directly.

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For full details and to decide which cover is right for you, you must read our Product Disclosure Statement.

Features & Benefits

  • Save up to 20% when you buy a combined home and contents policy online1
  • Choose more optional extras, including Motor Burnout insurance
  • Flexible payment options
  • 24/7 claims lodgement and emergency assistance

General Insurance Code of Practice Subscriber

To make sure you receive the highest standard of service when taking out cover, we comply with the General Insurance Code of Practice.

Cover Types

Building Insurance

Building cover that protects the structure of your property, including the roof, walls and garages.

Home & Contents Insurance

Insure your home and belongings from damage and theft so you can be confident that your most important assets are covered.

Contents Insurance

If your belongings are stolen or damaged, it’s good to know you will be able to replace them.

Landlords Insurance

Cover your investment property with a policy specially designed for landlords. As well as storms, flood and fire damage, you'll be protected against malicious damage, theft, even loss of rental income when damage occurs.

Award Winning Insurer

At Real Insurance we pride ourselves on providing the best service and value for our customers

  • Quality Service Award 2020
    – Reader’s Digest
  • Gold Trusted Service Award 2019, 2018, 2017
    – Feefo
  • Gold Quality Service Award 2019
    – Reader’s Digest
  • Exceptional Value Car Insurance Award 2019, 2018
    – Mozo

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Hollard is the claims administrator for Real Home and Contents insurance – so if you need to make a claim, Hollard’s claims consultants are ready to help.

We are available 24/7 for you to lodge a claim or for emergency claims where your home is unsecured or unsafe to occupy. For other claims enquiries, we are available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm, AEST.

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Optional Extras


Covers you for fusion or burning out of domestic motors, like those on your automatic garage door and washing machine. You’ll even be covered for loss or spoilage of refrigerated food if your freezer or fridge accidentally breaks down or the public electricity supply fails.


Protect certain contents for accidental loss or damage so you can take your special belongings with you anywhere in Australia, knowing that they’re covered.

Understanding Home Insurance

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Most common causes of house fires

House fires can easily start from faulty appliances, to people leaving pots on the stove or even the placement of heaters. Keep your home and family safe with our guide to common causes of house fires, and some tips to take precautions.

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Other Commonly Asked Questions

Do I have to fill out forms to make a claim?

You can lodge a claim online through our Claims Centre.

Alternatively, you can call our claims team on 13 19 48, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What is an excess?

An excess is the amount(s) of money you pay or must contribute towards the cost of any claim. All excess amounts relevant to your cover will be shown on your Certificate of Insurance. When you take out home insurance with Real Insurance, you can nominate the level of excess you want.

Additional or fixed excesses may apply in certain situations, and these are detailed in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Can I change my home and/or contents insurance excess?

You can increase your level of excess at any time during your home and/or contents insurance policy period. However, you can only decrease your excess when renewing your policy or during the 14 day cooling off period if you have not made a claim.

How do I find out how much my home insurance excess is?

You can find your nominated level of excess on your home and/or contents Certificate of Insurance, sent to you when you took out your policy with Real Insurance, or when your policy renewed. If you can’t find these documents, please call us on 13 19 48 to find out your excess amount/s.

How does the excess amount affect the premium I pay?

The excess is the amount you contribute towards a claim, therefore, if you are willing to contribute more at the time of a claim (higher excess) you will generally have a lower premium during the policy period.

How do I know how much I should insure my home for?

We can only provide general advice about your home and contents insurance; we can’t provide you with advice about the replacement cost of your home. When considering the sum insured for your home insurance, this amount should cover the full cost to rebuild your home including the cost of structural improvements such as carports, fences and pools and clearing debris from the land in the event of a total loss, however, the sum insured should not include land value.

You should also consider increased building costs to meet stringent and Local Council building requirements. If you are unsure of the replacement cost, a builder or architect may be able to assist you or we strongly recommend you use a home building calculator.

Do I need to know the measurements for my house?

No, we do not need to know the exact measurements of your home. Some examples of the things we need to know about your home are:

  • The address and age of the building
  • The construction type and roofing materials (for example, brick, cladding, tile)
  • The security measures in the home (for example, alarms and deadlocks)

Why don’t you offer an ‘unlimited’ building sum insured?

Real Insurance lets you choose your own sum insured for your home and contents insurance. This way, you have peace of mind knowing that you are covered for the amount you think you’ll need if you suffer a total loss of your home. There is no advantage in being over-insured and paying a higher premium because of this.

How do I know how much to insure my contents for? I don’t know how much they would cost to replace.

We strongly recommend the use of a Contents Calculator to determine an appropriate sum for your needs.

We are unable to provide you advice on an appropriate sum and rely on you to assess the amount of coverage you require.

Your contents sum insured should include items such as your carpet, blinds, curtains, personal items, furniture and household goods. Items of value which can be individually listed on your Certificate of Insurance such as jewellery or artworks should also be included in the overall sum insured. Estimating the cost can be difficult so being aware of the replacement cost of items through advertisements and magazines can be helpful.

Why do I need to list certain items on my policy?

Certain items such as valuables, collectibles and media have limits of cover inside the home. If you would like to be covered for the full amount you will need to tell us and list these on your Certificate of Insurance. You will need to provide proof of the value of the item at the time of a claim.

How can I pay for my home and/or contents insurance policy?

You can pay by direct debit from a credit card or bank account. We’ll set up an automatic payment schedule for you so you don’t need to worry about missing a payment.

How can I reduce my home and/or insurance premium?

You can reduce your home and contents premium by choosing a higher excess. Remember though, that while your premium will be cheaper, you will have to pay a higher excess if you need to make a claim.

I’ve just received my renewal documentation. What do I need to do?

One of the great things about having insurance with Real Insurance is our no-fuss automatic renewals. So when you receive your insurance renewal documents, you must read over the details and check that everything is correct. If nothing has changed, then you can just relax while your policy renews automatically. You only need to call us on 13 19 48 if you need to make changes to your policy or details, or you do not wish to renew with us.

What payment frequencies do you have?

You can pay your home and/or contents insurance (as well as car insurance) premiums by the month or you can pay less by electing to pay annually.

Can I delay my monthly home and contents insurance payment?

We are unable to delay payments, however, if one of your payments is unsuccessful, you have 30 days from your payment due date to make the payment before your policy is cancelled. If your policy is being renewed and your payment is unsuccessful, you will have 14 days from your payment due date to make this payment.

How do I change my details on my home and/or contents insurance policy?

If you have moved, need to increase your sum insured, or advise us of any other changes to your details, then please call us on 13 19 48. We don’t charge any administration fees to make these changes.

Please keep in mind that your home or contents insurance premium may go up or down, depending on the change you need to make.

You can also login to your Home Insurance Account to:

  • Access your policies.
  • View your Certificates of Insurance.
  • Update your contact details and payment information.

I have lost my home and/or contents insurance documents, how do I get replacement documents?

If you’ve lost your home Certificate of Insurance or Product Disclosure Statement, simply call us on 13 19 48, and we’ll email, fax or post copies of your documents to you. You can also download the Product Disclosure Statement directly from our web site, or a copy of your Certificate of Insurance by logging into your Home Insurance Account.

My financier needs a Certificate of Currency, what do I do?

If your financier needs a copy of your Certificate of Currency, call us on 13 19 48, and we’ll arrange to email or post a copy to them. Please have your financier’s contact details ready when you call.

What information will I need to get a home and/or contents insurance quote?

Learn about what information you will need to provide for a quote with our Home Insurance Quote Guide.

What is Strata Title?

Strata Title is a title based on dividing the site into lots with separate titles. The most common application of Strata Title is for units; but it is also used for complexes with a number of duplexes and villas.

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I changed the insurer for my car to real car insurance on their website.the changeover was easy and undertaken without a problem.

  1. 10% saving for online applicants for all new Home/Contents policies, savings in first year only. Additional 10% for a combined Home/Contents policy. Minimum premiums may reduce savings discount.