Life Insurance for Couples

You’ve teamed up with a life partner and you’re ready to take on what the future holds. With a partner or spouse to share your life with, it’s important to protect both your short-term and long-term plans.

Life insurance can make sure your partner won’t be left in financial strain if you were to pass away or suffer a terminal illness. The lump-sum payout can be used to cover the mortgage you’ve taken out together, or any other personal debts either of you owe (loans, education fees, credit cards etc.).

Another great benefit for couples is the ability to take out joint cover with the flexibility to set a separate benefit amount. With optional Total and Permanent Disability cover, you could receive a financial hand to pay for medical bills or other essential equipment that can help you keep your living arrangements in place.

By taking out life insurance, your cover will stay in place even if your living situation changes – like getting married or having kids.

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