The Real Reward™

You are the most important part of our work, that’s why we want to say thanks with The Real Reward.

How it works

If you’re a new Life, Income, Funeral, or Pet Insurance policy holder, we’ll refund 10% of the total premiums you’ve paid after the 12-month anniversary.

You’ll receive The Real Reward within 30 days of hitting your 12-month anniversary – even if you’ve made a claim!

Protect your financial security and be eligible for The Real Reward by getting a policy from any one of these Real Insurance products.

Helping real people

We love saying thanks to our loyal customers with The Real Reward, but at heart we’re all about helping real people like you. That’s why we’ve paid out over $190,000 on average each month to policy holders (over $43,000 a week).1

Sharing rewards and helping your family financially when they need it most are what we do best with our award-winning products and service.

Paying out over $190,000 on average each month to policy holders since 20141

  1. March 2014 – March 2018.