Cover options & extras Q&A

Important note:

The following questions are to be used as a reference guide only and do not substitute or replace your insurance contract, the PDS or Certificate of Insurance.

How do I know how much I should insure my home for?

We can only provide general advice about your home and contents insurance; we can’t provide you with advice about the replacement cost of your home. When considering the sum insured for your home insurance, this amount should cover the full cost to rebuild your home including the cost of structural improvements such as carports, fences and pools and clearing debris from the land in the event of a total loss, however, the sum insured should not include land value.

You should also consider increased building costs to meet stringent and Local Council building requirements. If you are unsure of the replacement cost, a builder or architect may be able to assist you or we strongly recommend you use a home building calculator.

Do I need to know the measurements for my house?

No, we do not need to know the exact measurements of your home. Some examples of the things we need to know about your home are:

  • The address and age of the building
  • The construction type and roofing materials (for example, brick, cladding, tile)
  • The security measures in the home (for example, alarms and deadlocks)

Why don’t you offer an ‘unlimited’ building sum insured?

Real Insurance lets you choose your own sum insured for your home and contents insurance. This way, you have peace of mind knowing that you are covered for the amount you think you’ll need if you suffer a total loss of your home. There is no advantage in being over-insured and paying a higher premium because of this.

How do I know how much to insure my contents for? I don’t know how much they would cost to replace.

We strongly recommend the use of a Contents Calculator to determine an appropriate sum for your needs.

We are unable to provide you advice on an appropriate sum and rely on you to assess the amount of coverage you require.

Your contents sum insured should include items such as your carpet, blinds, curtains, personal items, furniture and household goods. Items of value which can be individually listed on your Certificate of Insurance such as jewellery or artworks should also be included in the overall sum insured. Estimating the cost can be difficult so being aware of the replacement cost of items through advertisements and magazines can be helpful.

Why do I need to list certain items on my policy?

Certain items such as valuables, collectibles and media have limits of cover inside the home. If you would like to be covered for the full amount you will need to tell us and list these on your Certificate of Insurance. You will need to provide proof of the value of the item at the time of a claim.

What happens if I don’t list my valuables and they are stolen?

There are policy limits to certain items so if they are not listed on your policy for the full value, they may be subject to the limit as stated in our Product Disclosure Statement.

Can I change the level of cover of insurance at any time?

We like to provide you with the flexibility to change your cover to suit your changing needs, therefore, we offer the option to update your cover during the policy period. Please speak to us immediately as changes to your cover will be effective from the time you tell us of this change.

Do you have insurance for accidental damage?

We understand that accidents sometimes happen. This is why we offer cover for accidental damage as part of our Top Cover home and contents insurance. So, if you accidentally spill paint on your carpet or break a chair accidentally, you would be covered.

See our Product Disclosure Statements for more information on what is covered by, and excluded from, our policies.

Is my mobile phone covered inside the home if it is damaged or stolen?

If you have Top cover and your mobile phone was accidentally damaged inside the home then it would be covered. If your phone was stolen from the home, you would need to provide a Police Event No. In both instances, your basic excess would apply.

Are my fences covered?

Fences are covered under our insured events, however, we do not cover damage caused by storm, rainwater or flood if the fences and gates are not structurally sound or well maintained.

My contents aren’t worth that much, what is the point in having insurance cover?

You need to consider the cost to replace all of your items not what they are worth at this point. In the event of a claim, if you need to replace all your items you may not have the money available to do so and this is why it is recommended to have contents insurance.

We strongly recommend the use of a Contents Calculator to determine an appropriate sum for your needs.

Electrical motor burnout is automatically included on my previous insurance, why do I have to pay with you?

Each insurer will have different cover levels. We do not want you to have to pay for things you may not need, therefore Electrical motor burnout is an optional benefit you can choose to include in your cover or not.

Are mobility scooters in retirement villages covered under your insurance?

They will be covered under your contents cover if they are damaged or stolen from within the home. Mobility Scooters can also be covered outside of the home as ‘Portable Valuables’ for an additional premium.