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Working out how much Life Insurance cover you need may be easier than you think

Simply key in some information about your financial circumstances, and the Real Life Insurance Calculator will estimate the level of cover you need to make sure your family is looked after if you were no longer there to provide for them.

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How much Life Insurance do you need?

When working out how much life insurance you might need, consider:

  • Your debt – the amount you need each month to cover your mortgage, credit card, car repayments and personal loans.
  • Your monthly household spending – such as your family’s living expenses, including everything from groceries, petrol and utilities to health care, school fees and leisure activities.
  • How many dependants you have and their ages – generally the younger your children are, the more life insurance you will need.

The calculator operates on the basis of a number of assumptions and if you have special needs that go beyond these considerations you ought to consider obtaining independent financial advice.

How to apply for Life Insurance

With Real Insurance, you can apply for life insurance over the phone – there are no forms to fill out and no need for any medical checks. And with flexible payment options available, protecting your family with life cover from Real Insurance may be more affordable than you think.

To find out more about your life insurance options, you can contact us on 1300 377 325.

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