Types of car insurance

There are many different types of car insurance available on the Australian market. Real Insurance offers a range of car insurance products to help meet your needs.

Third party property car insurance is usually the cheapest form of car insurance available, as it usually offers the most limited form of cover. Third party property car insurance only helps protect you against damage you might cause to other people’s property in an accident.

Third party fire and theft car insurance helps protect you in the same way as third party property car insurance. However, this type of insurance also covers your car against loss or damage, to certain limits, caused by fire or theft.

Comprehensive car insurance generally helps to protect you against damage you might cause to another person’s property, as well as covering your own car if it was stolen or damaged in an accident. As such, it is the most comprehensive level of car insurance available.

Compulsory Third Party Insurance, also called CTP insurance (or a Green Slip in NSW) is just what the name suggests- compulsory. Every car in Australia must have this type of car insurance to be legally registered on Australian roads. CTP insurance covers for expenses if you kill or injure a third party in an accident on the road. Some CTP insurance also offers cover for your own costs if you are injured in a car accident. CTP insurance offers you no cover for your car. 

Real Insurance offers third party property car insurance and third party fire and theft car insurance. You can get an online car insurance quote now with Real insurance. Using our online quote tool, you can compare our different types of car insurance. Be sure to read our Product Disclosure Statement for information to help you decide which type of cover is right for you.