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Car Series: Tips for trading in your car

When deciding to sell your car and purchase a new one, it is important to consider trading in your car as an option to take. Although trading in a car could leave you with less money than a private sale, the efficiency of this fast and easy process can out-weigh such factors as the dealer handles the entire transaction. Therefore, following the tips below can help maximise your personal gain from a trade-in and reduce any time wasting, leaving you with a sold car in no time.

How to spot signs of tyre wear

Keeping your tyres in excellent condition is vital to your driving safety. Properly inflated tyres give your car better stability, braking, handling, and it prevents tyre failure. It will also save you money as it extends their life expectancy. Driving on soft tyres is not only unsafe, but it will also consume more petrol as they add to rolling resistance, meaning your car has to work harder.

7 ways to reduce your car’s running cost

Buying a car is a significant expense, but the costs don’t stop there. To help you manage your money and get the most out of the life of your vehicle, Real Insurance has put together this practical guide to more economical motoring to help reduce the ongoing costs of running your car.

Car emergency kit checklist

A well-prepared emergency kit in your car could be the difference between getting back on the road, or hours spent beside it in the dark. Constructing one is about being prepared for the unexpected in the event of an emergency. It can be worth the extra money and organisation it takes to be prepared, to help you get back to driving without having to wait for roadside assistance, or to keep safe before they arrive in the event of an emergency.

Car Series: How to handle the handover process when selling your car

A private sale can be a rewarding experience and more often than not leave you with a better deal than a trade-in. However, a private sale does come with an element of uncertainty and vulnerability, especially in the handover process. It is important when a seller is handing over their vehicle to a buyer that they understand the risks that can occur. Following the information below can create a simple and smooth handover process, keeping you safe and financially bruise-free.

How to organise and declutter your car

Taking inspiration from the global decluttering movement led by Marie Kondo, Real Car Insurance presents these top tips for organising your car…

Car Series: Should you buy a petrol or diesel car?

Right now, in Australia, when it comes the preferred fuel for passenger vehicles, petrol is more popular than diesel. However, when thinking about buying a car, it is important not to immediately dismiss diesel before really considering it as an option.

Car series: Private selling guide

Selling your car privately can get a little confusing and stressful sometimes. Learn how to negotiate the private sale of your car with ease here.

Time and money saving motoring apps and websites

Driving can be awesome, especially when you know where you’re going, when fuel is cheap and plentiful, and when parking is easy. But some days just don’t go like that.

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