Why you need funeral insurance

We all like to think we can bank on our savings to get ourselves and family through challenging times, but how far would it really support them? If you passed away, do you have enough in your savings account for your loved ones to cover your funeral costs and other expenses you may leave behind?

2.4% of Australians have considered how their funeral will be paid, compared to 43.3% who have chosen the music they want played!1

Of those Aussies prepared for their funeral, only 2.4% have considered how it will be paid, compared to 43.3% who have chosen the hymns and music they want played on the day!1 Here’s how Funeral Insurance helps you financially protect your family.

How funeral insurance protects your family

If you choose to put savings away into a bank account for your funeral expenses, it may take years to save the amount needed. Plus, unless your next of kin already has access to your account, there may be inevitable delays in gaining access to your savings.

Real Funeral Insurance will instead pay your family the full amount insured for regardless of how much you’ve paid into the policy, and funds are available within 24–48 hours to help cover immediate expenses.2

Real Insurance is an industry-leading provider of Funeral Insurance. Find out more about our affordable Funeral Insurance cover or request a free quote.


  1. Australian Seniors Series – Circle of Life survey (June 2016)
  2. Claims paid within two business days of receipt of documentation. Cover is for accidental death only in the first 12 months.

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