2022 Real School Grant Winner - Berridale Public School

Thank you to all the applicants for your interest this year’s Real School Grant! We received so many inspirational submissions and have thoroughly enjoyed reading through every essay.

Congratulations to Berridale Public School who is the winner of the 2022 Real Futures Grant.

We’re delighted to let you know we’ve now started accepting applications for the 2023 Real School Grant, and welcome all school and/or school group/committee who meet the eligibility criteria to apply. Good Luck!

Real School Grants Program 2023


Since Real Insurance launched in Australia in 2005, we have strived to become a family focused brand within the community. We want to improve the quality of everyday Australian lives through providing insurance products for Life, Funeral, Pet, Health, Travel, Car, Home and Landlords that suit everybody.

With family being our focus, we understand how important education is within our communities and therefore we want to help aid school funding to schools and school groups/ committees across Australia. As a result of this, we have launched the Real School Grants Program.


This grant is offered annually to one school and/or school group/committee. Applications for the 2023 grant are now open until October 31, 2023.

The Award

The value of this grant is up to AUD $5,000 (total amount). This amount is paid as a one off payment to the winning school/school group.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Entry is open to citizens or permanent residents of Australia aged 18 and over at the date they submit their entry who satisfy all of the following conditions:
    1. They are associated with an Australian public school (school) or a school-group or a school association (as defined in clause 8); and
    2. They have fulfilled the requirements of these terms and conditions in their entirety.
  2. School groups may include registered or unregistered associations/groups relating to a registered Australian public school. Where an unregistered school-group may be applying, evidence that the group is genuine is to be provided by submitting a letter from a senior member of staff from the school on official school letterhead/document that attests to the existence of the group and that it is endorsed by the teaching body of that school.
  3. Immediate family members including the spouse, de-facto spouse, parent, guardian, child or sibling ("Immediate Family Members") of a Real Insurance employee are ineligible to enter as the lead and/or primary applicant for the grant. Employees, and Immediate Family Members of GFS are also ineligible to enter as the lead and/or primary applicant for the grant. Where an applying group may include a GFS employee or immediate family member of a GFS employee, it would be assessed per case basis at the time of judging.
  4. Applications on behalf of schools and/or school groups/committees must not be aligned to any specific section of the community or cultural/ethnic background.

The Challenge

To apply for the Real School Grant Program, you will need to write a long form description (maximum 650 words) on what your school would do with the allocated grant, and how it will benefit your school and/or community.

We are looking for submissions that reflect a real desire to improve the quality of school resources and communities. It doesn't have to be great prose, just honest and from the heart, so start thinking about the reasons why and how your nominated school would utilise the Real School Grant.

Each entry that is submitted, must align to one or more of the Real Insurance company values;

  1. Health - clearly provide intent and evidence of planned work(s) that would promote the health of the intended beneficiaries. Where past works have been concluded, please include as evidence in your submission.
  2. Learning & Development - clearly outline the plan of learning or research outcome that would lead to an improved outcome and development.
  3. Information & Technology - provide a justified summary of a current lack of access to information and/or technology (including online/remote learning tools) that would prove highly useful for intended beneficiaries.
  4. Community & Infrastructure - clearly provide intent and evidence of planned work(s) that would promote a positive or improved outcome for the intended beneficiaries. Where past works have been concluded, please include as evidence in your submission.

How to Enter

Eligible Entrants must submit their entry during the Entry Period (defined below under “When to Enter”) by submitting their application through the Real Insurance online form.

Entries must include:

  • Proof of Identification of the lead applicant;
  • Name and address of nominated school;
  • Proof of genuinity in case of an unregistered school group;
  • Fully completed submission form;
  • Images of school-group;
  • Any/all evidence of planned works for which you’re seeking the grant;
  • Bank details of applying school and/or registered school-group;
  • In case of an unregistered school-group, an undertaking letter signed on an official school letterhead by everyone in the entrant group; and
  • Your response to “the Challenge” (maximum word count is 650 words).

Any entries to this Grant Program must be the entrant’s original work. If an entry is found to be plagiarised, whether wholly or a substantial part, it will be disqualified from this Real School Grant Program. This clause is active despite any communication of the result of the Real School Grant Program.

Selection Process

The winner of the Real School Grant Program will be selected and awarded by a panel of judges from the Real Insurance team on the basis of the entry that best grasps the challenge.

The panel for the 2023 grant will convene from November 15, 2023.


The winning entry and school and/or school group/committee will be notified via email and the name of the school will be published on our website on February 2, 2024.

See full Terms and Conditions.