Rehabilitation Expenses Insurance

A serious illness or injury may not only affect your income, it may also cost you thousands in treatment. By adding Rehabilitation Benefits to your Income Protection Insurance, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you can afford the best possible care.

Features of Rehabilitation Benefits

    This optional benefit can help you with those extra costs you may face when trying to get back to work.
    We’ll reimburse your rehabilitation costs by up to an additional 50% of your monthly insurance amount, for up to a maximum of six months.
    We’ll pay up to six times the monthly amount that you’re insured for, which can go towards expenses such as the cost of special equipment and workplace modifications.

For more information on our optional Rehabilitation Benefits download our Income Protection Insurance Product Disclosure Statement or call 1300 665 187.

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Add Optional Cover

Homemaker Insurance

If your family’s homemaker suffers an injury or serious illness, your home won’t take care of itself. This option provides a benefit that can be used towards getting help with domestic duties around the house.

Children’s Insurance

If your child suffers an illness or injury, we’ll help with a lump sum payment to cover extra costs such as medical expenses and school tuition. You’ll also receive this benefit if your child passes away.

Final Expenses

Cover the costs of your funeral and other expenses (such as unpaid bills and loans) if you die through an accident or from natural causes.

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