Key funeral trends changing the industry [infographic]

Australians are taking greater control over how their loved ones say goodbye to them. Here are the top funeral trends changing the industry.

Cremation over coffin

More and more, we’re choosing cremation over burial.

Despite this, burials are causing space issues – Sydney’s 330,000+ available plots are projected to be exhausted by 2050.

The rising cost of funerals can cause more Aussies to look at life insurance and funeral insurance options.

Personal taste trumps all

Aussies are now more interested in curating and personalising what their funeral will look like including features such as:

  • Specialised music
  • Outdoor or indoor ceremony
  • Unique order of service
  • Non-traditional coffin

 Eco-friendly all the way

73% of Aussies want to make a difference and improve the environment – even after death.

We’re now seeing more ‘green’ coffins, including eco-friendly caskets lined with biodegradable plastic, as well as natural burials without a coffin.