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Everyday heroes: runners that inspire

Revel in the inspiring and heartfelt stories of five Australian runners.

Hydro power: how aqua workouts help runners

Learn how aqua workouts can help your running performance with tips and advice from fitness expert Marietta Mehanni.

The Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 10k training programs

Our training programs will ensure you’re perfectly prepared to get the most out of yourself for a 10k run.

Running excuse busters to keep you motivated

Tips guaranteed to help get you off the couch and lacing up your running shoes. 

6 reasons why you are getting running injuries

Around 70 per cent of runners sustain injuries every year. The good news is, with a little commonsense it is possible to prevent most of them. 

Lisa Weightman – How she fits in marathon training, work and being a mum

Olympic marathon runner, Lisa Weightman is currently in training to win a place on the start line at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Here she shares her tips on how she manages marathon training, work and being a mum.

What to eat before a race

Many runners attempting their first 10k race make the mistake of thinking they need to carb-load but it’s really not necessary. Here are a few tips to ensure you’re well-fuelled for race day.

The Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 5k training program

Our official five week training program for the Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 5k has been created by Runlab founder and one of Australia’s leading Marathoners, Vlad Shatrov.

Five exercises to do every day for anyone

With so many options and a vast array of advice, it’s no wonder many people are confused about the best way to get fit.

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