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6 ways to kickstart your spring fitness routine

Get your spring fitness kickstarted with these handy tips here!

Expert running tips to improve your time

Shave time off your personal best with these expert running tips.

The best excuse busters for runners

Discover the best excuse buster to help you stay focused and committed in your training.

Benefits of partner running

Have you tried partner running to improve your running motivation? Discover the benefits of training with a partner, and the story of partner runners Andrew and Sue O’Brien who run marathons together.

Why you need stairs in your running training sessions

Discover how adding stair running to your training can build power, strength, endurance, and aerobic capacity.

Run smart: know your knees to avoid injury

Keeping your knees healthy is one way for runners to avoid pain and frustration. Discover more about your knees, and tips to keeping them in shape for runners.

The Real Insurance Sydney Harbour 5k training program

Get ready for one of the flattest, fastest and most enjoyable 5k running events in Australia

Everyday heroes: runners that inspire

Revel in the inspiring and heartfelt stories of five Australian runners.

Hydro power: how aqua workouts help runners

Learn how aqua workouts can help your running performance with tips and advice from fitness expert Marietta Mehanni.

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