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Staying safe online is imperative with the internet being a major part of our kids’ life. Find what to do to keep kids safe online here

8 time-saving hacks for the morning family rush

Working parents know it’s hard to get out the door in the morning. Here are eight time-saving hacks so you are ready to face the day.

Boredom busters for families [Infographic]

Say goodbye to boredom with these fun family activities that won’t cost a fortune either!

5 Family fun ideas for working parents [Infographic]

Between work and school and weekend sports it can be tough to find time to spend together as a family. These 5 ideas made it simple to plan for family fun.

10 hacks for getting kids to do the chores

Time-poor Australian families need some help around the house from time to time. Here are 10 clever hacks to get the kids to do the chores.

Dealing with the terminal illness of a loved one

Ways to cope and provide support when your child, sibling or friends face terminal illness. Read here. 

10 simple hacks to make back to school easier

Quick hacks and tips for Australian families to make the back-to-school process simple and stress-free. Read here.

Free e-book: How to teach kids about death and grieving

Talking with your child about death, and especially the death of a loved one can be difficult. Download the eBook here for help

7 ways to entertain your grandkids during school holidays

From cooking, looking at old photos, or enjoying a stroll in the park, read about our best ideas for spending school holidays with your grandchildren.

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