Tips on how to safely decorate a Christmas tree

Christmas is that time of the year when we embark on road trips, spend time with family, host parties and attend endless festive celebrations.

It’s also the time of the year when we start to get creative with decorations around the house as well as decorate the all-important Christmas tree.

To avoid a festive blackout, Real Insurance has few tips for Christmas light safety to help you and your family celebrate and decorate your tree safely.

  • If lights have been in storage, check the bulbs and plugs for any damage before plugging in.
  • Safety switch – if you haven’t got one on the main power, install one on the Christmas lights, or use a power board with a safety switch built in.
  • When putting up the Christmas tree, put the lights on before other decorations so that they don’t touch each other. Be sure to keep decorations such as tinsel and balls away from lights.
  • Position your tree away from soft furnishings such as couches, curtains and cushions that could be flammable.
  • Turn your lights off at night when you go to bed, or when you go out and if it is raining.
  • Use lights that have cool burning strings and miniature white lights that won’t turn hot when they are lit.
  • Only use lights that have insulated plugs.

If you are after some festive inspiration, or just want to take the family out and make a day out of planning your Christmas decorations, here are some places that have fantastic Christmas tree and light displays, as well as places you can buy lights and a Christmas tree for your own home:

  • Sydney – the Martin Place Christmas Tree will be lit up from 26th November until the 25th December. The tree will be drawing crowd as it has an interactive element this year of being lit up with messages sent in from Sydneysiders.
  • Melbourne – you can buy a tree from Melbourne Christmas Trees and you can see great decorations and lights in City Square, which will be transformed into Christmas Square from 27th November to 25th December.
  • Brisbane – On Friday 27th November, the Brisbane City Christmas tree will be lit in King George Square. You can buy a tree from Real Christmas Trees in Ashgrove.
  • Perth – there is the Festival of Christmas which started on the 29th November, and it will run for seven weeks. To buy a real tree, check out Wilbury’s Christmas Trees, 25 minutes’ drive from the CBD.
  • Darwin – ‘Lord Mayor’s Christmas Tree Lighting’ will be held at Raintree Park, Darwin Mall.
  • Hobart – Christmas in Hobart is celebrated at the Salamanca Market where there is shopping, arts and crafts, and unique gift ideas.

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