How to keep your pet cool this summer

For us, it’s easy to fight the heat by switching on a fan or cranking up the air conditioning. But for your pets – especially those that live outside – it’s not as easy. In fact, many animals are at a significantly higher risk of heat stroke or worse as we move into summer. In particular those that are older, overweight or suffer from certain medical conditions.

Here’s how to keep your pet cool this summer and enjoy a happy, safe holiday season.

Top ways to keep your pet cool and comfortable

The number-one summer rule for all pets is to never leave them in your car. Dogs are at the highest risk as they can overheat and die in a matter of minutes.

If you take your dog for daily walks to keep them mentally and physically healthy, make sure you do so either early in the morning or late at night. Not only will the temperature be cooler, but the pavement won’t be too hot and potentially cause their paws to burn. A good way to test the temperature is to take of your shoe and put your bare foot on the pavement for several seconds. If it’s too hot for you, it’s definitely too hot for your pet!

Outside pets should have access to plenty of shade all day long, as well as fresh and cool water available. Otherwise, let your pet come inside and enjoy the refreshing cool air from a fan or air conditioning. If your pet has long fur make sure you take them to the groomers for a shorter haircut.

Finally, you can lower your pet’s body temperature during stifling-hot days by misting their face and their paws with a spritz of water – especially if you have a flat-faced breed, like a Pug, that may struggle to breathe in the heat. Also, don’t forget to top up their water bowl with ice blocks throughout the day.

Common knowledge you should know about animals during summer

Did you know that a dog’s snout, ears, groin area and belly can easily burn in the hot sun – just like our own skin? That means it’s important to slip, slop, slap whenever your pooch is spending long periods out in direct sunlight.

And it’s not just dogs and cats that can be severely impacted by the warmer weather. Lots of other animals need to be well looked after during summer, such as rabbits, horses, livestock and rodents.

Speaking of other types of animals, you can do your bit to help wildlife survive the heat by putting out bowls of fresh, clean water around your house. And if you see any wildlife in distress, make sure you contact your local RSPCA or call Wildlife Rescue Australia on 1300 596 457.

Your 4-step guide to a safe summer for pets

Ready to embrace the holidays and have a great summer with your pets? Just remember these four simple steps to animal safety:

  1. Know the signs and symptoms of heat stroke.
  2. Make sure your pet is up to date with their flea, tick and worming treatments. Also check them regularly for pests that can nest in their fur if they are outside more often in summer.
  3. Know the plants that are toxic to pets and remove them from in or around your home.
  4. Have a plan ready for emergencies, and always take them to the vet if you fear they are sick or injured.

The holidays should be a time for enjoying the company of friends, family and pets. To help keep your animal friends safe during the warmer months consider having a level of pet insurance.

While you can’t avoid summer, you can ensure you are financially protected should your pet become ill or suffer a specific accidental injury over the holiday season. Get a quick quote with Real Insurance today or simply call us on 1300 665 965 to get pet insurance.