Cat Love

The top dietary requirements for older cats

Just like humans, as our pets get older their needs change. To ensure your furry friend continues to live its best life, incorporate these 6 dietary requirements for older cats

How to protect your cat

As a pet owner, you’re probably well aware that the human and natural worlds hold potential dangers for your feline family member.

Top tips for keeping an indoor cat happy and entertained

It is certainly possible for your cat to live happily contained within your property. See our top tips to find out more.

How insuring your cat can help you reach your savings goals

Sometimes you have to spend money to save money! Here’s how investing in cat insurance now can help your savings account grow in the long run.

Essential tips for settling a new kitten

Kittens are generally not ready to leave their mother until they are eight weeks of age and have had their initial round of vaccinations. Some breeders may not release kittens until they are 12 or 13 weeks old. In any case, you should make sure you get the vaccination certificate, as this tells you when the next injections are due.