Our history

When Real Insurance started back in 2005, there were already many insurance companies in the market – NRMA, AAMI, Allianz and GIO for example. But when we took away the familiar logos, we couldn’t distinguish what really made one company different from another. We knew that Australian families didn’t need another big insurer. They needed something different, something with heart… And that’s how the brand Real Insurance was born.

We entered the market with the core purpose to protect the quality of people’s lives. We wanted to achieve this with high quality insurance products which met the needs of everyday Australians and offered peace of mind at a reasonable price. So, we developed a range of insurance products to help you protect the important things in your life you care about, like your family, your home, your car, your health, and even your pets. But we understand that there is ‘no such thing as the average car driver or home owner’, so we let you customise your cover to suit your needs and your budget.

That’s why with many of our products, you have the option to include additional cover in your policy for added security, or you can keep your premium affordable by just selecting our basic cover. Many of our products allow you to further reduce your premium by increasing your basic claims excess.

Since we began, countless customers have joined us and have appreciated the quality, affordable cover on offer from Real Insurance. We are excited to have become a part of the Australian insurance industry, and look forward to helping protect the assets and quality of the lives of many more Australians.

Innovative products

Since Real Insurance started in 2005, we knew we never wanted to be ‘just another insurer’. So, we have strived to deliver innovative insurance products that meet the unique needs of Australians, and that offer ground-breaking new ways of helping our customers save on the costs of their insurance.

Real Insurance was the first Australian insurance company to launch Pay As You Drive Car Insurance (in September 2008). We garnered international attention when we became the first insurance brand worldwide to launch a trust-based model of this type of insurance, based on a simple concept – drive less, pay less.

In 2017 we became one of the first in market to launch a funeral insurance product that also had an Early Cash Payout. This was in response to the ever-increasing cost of living, and the ageing population of Australia, helping to make sure our customers have enough money to live comfortably into their later years.

We haven’t finished yet. Every day, we are looking for new ways to give you better, trustworthy insurance cover at an affordable and fair price, with caring, energetic and sincere customer service that exceeds expectations.