How often do I need to clean my roof?

While your roof might not be at the top of your home maintenance list, it’s important not to overlook it. Your gutters, valleys and downpipes are there to protect your home – and if not cared for can lead to leaks and water damage, as well as attracting pests and mould. Not to mention burning embers can spark a fire from debris on your roof.

That’s why you should get into the habit of regularly cleaning your roof.

Importance of cleaning gutters: Protecting your home from damage

Your gutter system is one of your home’s guard against water during rainfall, helping to protect your home from leakage. Any blockage in your gutters may cause extensive water damage. This may result in extensive water damage that appears as staining and dampness on your walls and ceiling – potentially costing thousands of dollars to repair. In some cases, leaks can even collapse your internal ceiling. 

Pooling water can also erode the foundations of your home, possibly leading to cracks in your walls and uneven floors. When clogged gutters begin to hold too much water and debris, they become increasingly heavy and may break away from the roofing system.

During a bushfire, burning embers can travel many kilometers. Debris on your roof can spark spot fires even when not in the direct path of the fire. 

How often should you clean your roof?

The ideal cleaning frequency for your roof will depend on the foliage around your property. If there are large trees near your home, especially ones that shed year-round like eucalyptus or pine trees, then you will likely need to clean your gutters more frequently. 

Top tips for roof cleaning and maintenance

  • Take care when working at height on a ladder, and test that it is sturdy before you begin to climb.
  • Always use safety equipment such as gloves and non-slip shoes.
  • Clear out any debris. 
  • Ensure you clean the areas around each downpipe.
  • Consider installing gutter guards to stop debris from building up.
  • Check your roof and repair any damage such as holes, cracking, slipped or broken tiles and clean dirt build up.
  • If you aren’t comfortable doing your own roof maintenance, call in an expert.

Benefits of regular home maintenance

In addition to your roof, your home will require/need regular maintenance. Keeping up with routine home checks may save you money in the long term, if small problems are fixed before they become large ones that are more expensive and difficult to repair. 

Additional tips for maintenance around the home

  • Create a home maintenance checklist.
  • Sort tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly categories.
  • If possible, divide up responsibilities among other members of the household. 
  • Schedule time for home maintenance, the same as you do with other regular commitments.
  • Consider hiring a professional.

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