Best podcasts for kids (that parents will enjoy too)

Who doesn’t love listening to a good podcast? Whether you’re on a walk in the sunshine or driving around town, there are so many fantastic podcasts to sink your teeth into. Best of all, the vast majority are completely free and can be downloaded or streamed straight from your phone.

But podcasts aren’t reserved for adults. In fact, there’s a whole host of amazing podcasts that appeal to both kids and parents. Here are some of the most interesting ones to try out yourself!

The ages below are just a guide, and while some very young children might have shorter attention spans, this doesn’t mean they won’t love short podcast episodes with an educational spin. The same goes for older kids, whereas some might love science, others might prefer language, art or storytelling. The best idea is to mix it up and try new things and find what fits your family.

For the very little ones (ages 2-5)

#1: Story Pirates

Story Pirates has won several awards for its unique take on storytelling, because the stories featured are actually written by kids, for kids! You’ll hear special guests drop in, including songwriters, comedians, scientists and even celebrity guests that your little ones will know and resonate with. This fun and fabulous podcast features sketches, original music, games and more, all in a short, snackable format that pre-schoolers, kindergarteners and even younger kids can absorb to get their creative minds cranking.

#2: Wow In The World

While some of the humour might go over the heads of kids under 3, everyone in the family will enjoy this “journey away from your screens” hosted by the fun and full-of-life duo Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas. It’s a high-energy podcast that is engaging and humorous, and should lead to your little ones asking you lots of follow up questions. Wow In The World tells stories about incredibly cool things happening in the world right now, with an easy-to-understand take on often complex subjects.

#3: Little Yarns

The sheer diversity of Australia knows no bounds, and in Little Yarns you’ll be treated to a kaleidoscope of languages and unique cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations. It was created for preschool-aged kids, but even older kids will find it accessible and relatable, this incredibly informative – and entertaining! – podcast will help young learners develop a broader understanding of the stories and countries of Indigenous Australia.

For the older ankle-biters (ages 6-9)

#4: Peace Out

Learning is all well and good, but many adults listen to podcasts so they can relax and unwind. Why shouldn’t kids have a podcast that does the same? Peace Out is a mindfulness and relaxation podcast designed specifically for kids. Filled with short stories that help children calm down and relax, even guiding them through visualisation and breathing exercises, this is one podcast you’ll want to pop on when energy levels are going through the roof!

#5: Short & Curly

Every kid thinks their parents know everything about the world – but sometimes a question is just too quirky, too complex or too curly to answer on the spot. That’s why Short & Curly exists. This fast-paced ethics podcast is all about answering life’s most itching questions, from animals to technology, school, pop culture, the future and beyond.

For the “grown-up” kids (ages 10 and beyond)

#6: Brains On!

This award-winning science podcast is as entertaining for adults as it is for young, curious minds. With host Molly Bloom and a different kid co-host every week, Brains On! focuses on everything from the complexities of science to the wonders of history. One week you’ll learn about why green means ‘go’ and the next you’ll hear the reasoning behind why adults have more energy than kids.

#7: But Why

Self-described as a “podcast for curious kids”, the title of this show will no doubt be extremely familiar to most parents. Created for kids and led by kids, But Why asks the big questions and gives the big answers. The podcast tackles important topics about nature, school, animals and even the end of the world. Best of all, they source all their questions from the listeners, so you can even send in your own.

Cut the screen time with podcasts!

This is just a taste of the wealth of free podcasts out there. Some will appeal to your kids while others may not be as enjoyable – and that’s the fun part! Try out new podcasts every week or so and see what clicks.