Stuck in a running rut? How to get excited about running again

It doesn’t matter if you are an everyday runner or a professional athlete, everyone is bound to hit a point where any excuse will suffice to avoid lacing up and going out for a run.

Vlad Shatrov, Runlab founder and trainer says anyone can lose their running mojo, “Most runners will experience a time when they lose their enthusiasm for running. For some it can be winter’s dark, cold nights, others just find it hard to find the motivation or free time. Concentrating on a few key pointers can help you get back in the groove of weekly training.”

Here, Vlad shares his tips on how to get back in the swing of things and tap into that hidden motivation.

Ways to get motivated

  1. Pick a challenge that takes you out of your comfort zone. If you are normally a 10k runner think about stepping up to a half marathon or, go for something completely different like a mountain bike ride or long trail walk. The key is to choose a challenge that leaves you no choice but to stick to your training schedule.
  2. Find a running group such as Runlab or a friend to train with. Having a third party keep you accountable forces you to be punctual, prepared and in the right mindset.
  3. Plan a run in a place you haven’t been to before. A simple internet search can easily highlight some great new training tracks and the novelty of new surroundings can provide a great distraction from the grind of training. As an added incentive have a friend join you and plan breakfast or lunch afterwards to add to the experience.
  4. Make yourself accountable. If you’re thinking about signing up for an event be sure to get your entry in, print out your confirmation and place it somewhere you’ll see it regularly. Take it to the next level and create an event countdown in your diary or through an app. Having the reality of time ticking away is a top motivator to get you moving.
  5. Consider a coach. Elite athletes are not the only ones who can employ professional help. You can set yourself up with an online coach for as little as $5 a week. Some will set you up with a program and provide qualified advice on training, technique and recovery.
  6. Spend some time remembering what made you enjoy running in the first place. Was it losing a few kilo’s, increasing overall wellbeing, getting outside and feeling the fresh air on your face, that runners’ high or coffee with your running mates afterwards? No matter what your initial motivation, tapping back into it can reignite that fire and drive that may be missing.

Take time to refocus and you’ll be surprised what you can achieve.