Top tips to a healthy – but still festive – Christmas!

We all know how important it is to stay healthy, both for ourselves and our loved ones, but Christmas is a time when many forget their commitment to health and fitness.

While Christmas is the season to be jolly, no-one wants to end up with unwanted festive weight that hangs around well into the New Year! Fortunately it’s not that difficult to stay on the healthy track … all it takes is some pre-planning and commitment.

Christmas lunch, with trimmings

Christmas ham, turkey and pork is a tradition in many houses, and there’s no need to miss out on them. Just trim the fat off and you can still enjoy a Christmas feast, without the guilt.

But as we’re in Australia, why not also explore alternative, healthier summer fare featuring prawns, salads and seafood?

Stagger your eating

Everyone snacks on Christmas Day – it’s almost a tradition. Just be sure to have some healthy alternatives (carrot sticks with hommus, or natural unsalted nuts instead of chips) so you can have a healthy snack attack.

And because you’re snacking, why not hold off the Christmas feast until later in the day? This way you probably won’t need dinner – or at most, only a light dinner.


Just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean you can forget about exercising. It doesn’t need to be an hour long run or a boring gym session, either. Remember, kicking that brand new football around or playing cricket in the backyard with the kids is still exercise!


You should be drinking plenty of water over the Festive Season, not least because of the warmer weather and the (possible) increase in alcohol intake.

Did you know that some dieticians believe that many people actually confuse thirst pangs for hunger signals? If you’ve ever eaten everything in sight and still felt hungry then maybe you have, too.

So the next time you feel hungry, drink a good-sized glass of water instead. If after 15 minutes you still feel hungry, then go ahead and have a snack.

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